Getting started with PushJS

The most easy solution for delivering realtime messages, creating new and exciting customer experiences through our JS SDK!

Obtaining an API key

Believe it or not, but this will the most difficult task in the whole setup!
After you have registered (it's free, we won't beg you for your creditcard info!) visit your account page and click on the API link.

In the API section you will find your API key.

White listing your domain(s)

By default PushJS will not allow traffic from a domain that is not registered with your API key. To add your domain(s), go to your account and visit the API section.
There you will see a tab with "allowed domains". List your domain or ip address here to allow traffic from and to the PushJS servers.

Preparing your page

Copy and paste the following snippet into your page or use the library to include in your VueJS, React or other awesome project. Replace the <apikey> with your own API key (which can be found on under your own account).

<script src="<apikey>"></script>

That's it! You can now start building your own awesome applications with our SDK.