About Us

PushJS is all about high-level PHP developers with years of hands on experience. Working on numerous large-scale projects in the field of Information Technology has made us experts of what we do. As founders of PushJs, our aim is to make lives of developers easy with our affordable services. We work as a team, where we have senior lead PHP developers, DevOp engineers and System managers. Our years of experience in IT industry has made the development of PushJS possible.

Monster waving Real time communication through web-sockets exists already but now with the help of PushJS, it has been made easy and affordable for all developers. We provide developers a platform to connect to their clients on all sorts of applications.

Now, you don’t have to worry about setting up socket server clusters, maintaining them or waiting for hours to implement correct protocols, because PushJS is going to make everything easy for you. With our services, you can send message to anyone at any moment and anywhere around the world. We aspire to improve the Realtime communication on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Javascript and many more.