Forget Firebase and Socket.IO PushJS is out now!

Are you a developer who is looking for the easiest way to communicate in real time from one platform to another? Do you want to send real-time data, private messages, and maybe even build a MMORPG?

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Android and iOS coming soon
Coming soon

iOS and Android libraries are almost done

We are working around the clock to also get the iOS and Android libraries on public release.
Right now we are testing the iOS and Android libraries with a select club of beta testers. We almost reached the public release state, just hang in there a bit longer.

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Monster shows strong points of PushJS
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What is PushJS?

What PushJS really is and how is it going to help you if you are a developer? We are going to tell you everything about it, so grab your popcorns and get ready!

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Learn by example

The way PushJS works is very simple and as a developer this is exactly what you need. All you have to do is follow our examples and you will be READY TO GO!

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Let us explain

Do you want to know more about the technical side by going into the details? You can now get your hands on the technical documentation to learn the core concepts right away! What are you waiting for?

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